There are people who never bothered to understand how crossword puzzles work even though they know what it is.
Imagine you haven't played basketball ball in 10 years, you may know what it is but after 10 years you forget how to play it and will need to review the rules again, the same thing goes with crossword puzzles? So I practice every day. Solving crosswords is my passion!
How to start?

There are various types of crossword puzzles, but the one that really stands out is the British cryptic crossword. Unlike its simpler counterparts, this one requires putting your brain to good use, simply looking for the fitting word in the dictionary or using the crossword solver will not give you the crossword solutions.But you can try crossword clue solver, it may be more helpful.

​Many people find crosswords a good exercise for their mind. Besides, it is a good time filler, especially when you come across a really tricky crossword which will make you come back to it when you have some free time or on a way somewhere.