Classic crossword

I wrote in a previous post. which adds crosswords to your website so that they can decide and fill in online. At the moment, it has already added over 100 crossword puzzles, and today for the first time added a crossword puzzle with pictures. I've worked on, so that when you click on the image highlight words in the grid. I hope everyone will work correctly. The transition to a crossword puzzle - at this link or by clicking on the image.
And I want to share some interesting issues that I encountered in the process of decision. Good questions is actually much more, but I gathered the ten "in haste." Answers to questions - in brackets upside down.
  1. What word means the most complex Chinese character, consisting of 64 traits?
  2. The man who climbs only in their case.
  3. The time of life when you cease to be jealous and start to regret.
  4. Who was painted on the banners of Spartacus?
  5. What ailment "rescues the memories"?
  6. He almost lost his nose, left eye squints his noticeably, his face covered with wrinkles, but of particular concern is constantly growing thin neck, and she can not stand.
  7. What is the magic word migrated into medieval medicine from ancient times?
  8. That replaced the nature of a cartoon cat Matroskin?
  9. Musical instrument, very unpopular loaders.
  10. These beans were in the time of Montezuma money.
What are the Italians who invented the whirlpool for domestic use, having seen a similar pool at the hospital where his son was treated, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. What kind of dogs in the old specially trained for fights with the bulls? For lovers of crosswords, Sudoku, and others. -free resource where you can totally free crossword puzzles.