Crossword stuff

Here you will find some crossword solutions for your daily crosswords.

Enter the famous letter in the input field "Mask" replace a letter hyphen "-" (? Or * ._ characters), if the number of letters is not known, use the "+" sign, instead of inserting it missing letters, add a short and capacious, if necessary description.
If the possibility of using the "mask", you are not satisfied, it is possible to use the classic method - specify how many letters in the word (box on the right instead of a mask) and fill out the form.
It should be noted that the crossword compilers rather ingeniously come up with jobs in our database may not have similar descriptions, in this case, we recommend to focus on the search for a word on a mask. And the next time will not happen again and to make a contribution to the work of the service - you can also add them found the answer to our base. We are very grateful for our users.
Our assistant has become smarter and now understands if the number of letters of the search word you specify directly in the description, such as "the capital of 6 letters," in which case the assistant will ask 6 letters as a mask, and will look for the mask of the capital. If the same number of letters is not specified, the Assistant will understand, "the capital of Russia without the letters", in this case, given the number of letters will be reset. In hopes of making poomoschnik more comfortable, we have added to it the ability to correct typos, but unfortunately does not always deal with it correctly.