Daily crossword

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2. The cunning beast.
4. The growth was on the face.
6. The grand poem.
8. fish and vegetables.
10. The supreme god of the ancient Greeks.
12. The Parliament of Ukraine.
14. Explosives.
15. cabbage soup.
16. Name Maupassant.
17. Kind of literature.
19. The track link.
21. Summer caring owner cartage (Folk.).
23. A mineral variety of quartz.
25. The great leader of the Chinese people.
26. The largest tributary of the Volga.
27. "Banzai" in Russian.

1. The wheel carriage or sleigh with luggage.
2. A tree with leaves and wreaths, and borscht.
3. Note.
4. Mountain range in Russia.
5. A plot of land planted with trees, shrubs and flowers.
7. The color of life.
9. The turning point in the disease.
11. Pet.
13. The Muslim name of Cassius Clay.
15. The means of defense against edged weapons.
16. The State of West Africa.
17. Norse folk tale.
18. It is decorated with a picture.
20 constellations of the zodiac.
22. The electrically charged particles.
24. Mark the type of Russian aircraft.